Hex Studios has produced anthologies like For We Are Many, and comedic web series like Netflix And Kill. But their main claim to fame is their horror character Owlman, who has starred in two of their movies — Lord of Tears and The Black Gloves — and also received some merchandising.

But Owlman’s career took a weird turn when one of Hex Studios’ promotional videos went unexpectedly viral. The video depicted a man in Owlman’s suit terrorizing unsuspecting visitors of an abandoned hospital. The video was so successful that Hex’s character now has a side career of pranking people in real life.

In Hex’s latest, Owlman is lying in wait inside an old church. Various victims are invited inside for one reason or another…a pizza delivery man, a plumber called to fix a leak, a professional birthday clown under the impression he would find a party there. No party, just Owlman.

“This was our most ambitious, and outrageous prank yet, and so far the response has been fantastic,” says Hex Studios producer Lawrie Brewster. “We’ve built a loyal following of over 300,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel, which helps us to promote our film projects, as well as showcasing the work of other indie filmmakers, and of course, to continue the Owlman’s reign of terror.”