Hungry? You might be after attending this year’s New York Asian Film Festival Winter Showcase. This year’s picks are all food-themed.

From the self-proclaimed “ramen western” Tampopo to Korea’s fried-chicken hit Extreme Job, to the Taiwanese cooking competition at the center of Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast, your eyeballs will be assaulted with all sorts of Asian cuisine. Chances are you’ll feel like consuming a lot of it, and you’ll get the chance…food vendors will be in attendance serving up the yummy dishes seen on screen.

“With the second Winter Showcase, we decided to continue to explore repertory programming in the most fun way possible – with a lineup that connects food and film, and shows that they transcend borders,” says executive director Samuel Jamier. “It’s a great occasion to relish different Asian food cultures, and the food itself! But for the more attentive viewers, it’s also an occasion to discover why cooking and eating are so central to so many Asian films. How they address themes of family, morality, mortality, ambition and finding one’s way through the crossed wires of building romantic connections.”


– EXTREME JOB (Lee Byeong-Hun, 2019, South Korea, 111min) – Friday February 14th, 7PM
– TAMPOPO (Itami Juzo, 1985, Japan, 114min) – Saturday February 15th, 1PM
– EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN (Ang Lee, 1994, Taiwan, 123min) – Saturday February 15th, 3:30PM
– GOD OF COOKERY ( Stephen Chow, 1996 , Hong Kong, 92min) – Saturday February 15th, 6:30PM
– THE LUNCHBOX (Ritesh Batra, 2013, India, 105min) – Sunday February 16th, 1:00PM
– ZONE PRO SITE: THE MOVEABLE FEAST (Chen Yu-hsun, 2013, Taiwan, 145 min) – Sunday February 16th, 3:30PM
– THE FIRST SUPPER (Tokiwa Shiro, 2019, Japan, 127 min.) – Sunday February 16th, 6:30PM

The New York Asian Film Festival Winter Showcase 2020, subtitled “Love at First Bite,” lasts from February 14 through February 16.

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