Earlier this summer Artist Rights Distribution announced it had acquired the rights to the upcoming found-footage horror film The Lost Footage Of Leah Sullivan, and would be showing it in select theaters later in the year. Looks like that time is now; ARD says it will premiere the film in LA next month.

In the film, a young journalism student has returned to her hometown because she believes she can uncover new evidence regarding a cold-case murder that happened there thirty years ago. At first her chances seem slim, but as she keeps poking around and interviewing shifty characters, she may be getting close to the truth…and someone doesn’t like that.

Can Leah Sullivan finally close this case, or will her pursuers make sure that doesn’t happen? …Well, you read the title of this movie. And its contents are presented as the unedited footage found on a memory card, meaning the odds aren’t really in her favor here.

The Lost Footage Of Leah Sullivan stars Anna Stromberg, Burt Grinstead, David Nash, Maureen Keiller, Denise Walker, Jimmy Driscoll, and Matthew Pelieci. It was written by Burt Grinstead and Stromberg with original story by Burt Grinstead and Rob Runyeon. The world theatrical premiere is set for Wednesday December 11 in LA, with cast and crew in attendance. There will be more screenings afterward, which have yet to be announced.