If anything hammers home the fact that TNT’s The Librarians isn’t getting a fifth season, it’s this: the show’s entire collection of props and costumes is being offered in a massive liquidation sale. Location: somewhere remote and industrial in Clackamas, OR. Yes, the Library is literally up for sale. And this isn’t an auction, this is first-come first-grab for those in the surrounding Portland area.

The list of items from this fantasy series, which you can walk in and casually buy, is INSANE, including “assorted weapons (spears, knives, axes, swords, shields, guns), books, paper/documents, goggles, gadgets, breakaway glass, dummy crowbars/bolt cutters, dynamite, bombs, DOSA gadgets, etc.” There are also items that go far back enough to have been used in TNT’s “Leverage,” by the same creative team.

Truly, a shopping opportunity for the ages. What follows is every posted image from the Craigslist ad. It’s too good a sight to let expire.

You want the Excalibur doors from the Library’s entrance that transported the team anywhere in the world? You can have ’em! Assuming they’re still there (the sale started two days ago), you could have one possibly installed in your kitchen!

From the Library straight to you! The Librarians’ failure to guard the world’s treasures is your gain!

A wide view of everything, including several portraits and a canoe, which according to the list is named “Renee.”

It’s not just props for sale….need a TV? Several LCDs are still boxed and at a discount.

Part of the local viewing experience for a Portland native was to observe how The Librarians would re-purpose areas of the city to try and pass them off as other locations. Some were more convincing than others. I don’t know when they had to pretend the PNW was North Dakota.

There was an episode where two of the crew became trapped in an old movie. These posters appeared during the opening shots in the theater’s lobby.

Files from the Library’s catalog. I hope whoever buys these leaves them as-is.

If you just need a pair of shoes, you can find that too.

And a scary prop caveman, used in the third season, can also be yours. The note says his name is “Link.”

Whale bones, bronze horses, giant banners out of Game of Thrones. Best market ever.

Assorted decorations and junk from the Library set.

More aerial views….

Finally, some of the weapons! I’m not a natural impulse buyer. Sometimes it’s hard to convince myself to buy something I don’t immediately need. But there’s no way I could wait around for the apocalypse to buy a Librarians axe.

Following is a cut-and-paste of the entire list of props. The liquidation sale stays open until August 5.

This sale features props, costumes, clothes, equipment, materials, furniture, and set decoration used in two TV shows – Leverage and The Librarians. The 15,000+ sq. ft. Warehouse is packed with incredible stuff.

The main set (The Annex) for The Librarians was carefully deconstructed and much of the iconic pieces of the set have been salvaged: the faux stain glass panels, metal railing, the Excalibur portal doors, sconces, lamps, various metalwork, card catalogue drawers and drawer plates, library ladder, door archway plaques inscribed “Nam Et Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est”, etc. And most of the furniture in the set is available in the sale such as Jenkin’s desk, Flynn’s desk, the main table/desk in the Library, gorgeous antique furniture, some bookcases, an antique card catalog, gooseneck lamps, etc., and there are some props from this main set as well.

There’s an incredible assortment of items in this sale as the two shows spanned NINE seasons in total!!!

And there are some items from the movie ‘Bad Samaritan’ and

OK, here it goes…here’s a brief list of what else you will find in this sale:


assorted weapons (spears, knives, axes, swords, shields, guns), books, paper/documents, goggles, gadgets, breakaway glass, dummy crowbars/bolt cutters, dynamite, bombs, DOSA gadgets, etc.,

Vehicles (both run)

KPPQ Channel 7 News Van 1992 Ford E350 with 214,000+ miles

Police Car 2005 Ford Crown Victoria with 220,000 miles

Antiques and Large or Iconic In-house Crafted Items

Massive Gold Lion (roughly 8′ long)

“Stumpy” the Gargoyle

Antique Sleigh

In-house Crafted Sleigh

Huge Missile (roughly 16′ long)

Antique Carved Wooden Buddha Sculpture

Large Egyptian Sarcophagus (about 6′ tall)

Huge Foam Sculpted and Painted Totem Pole (about 16′ tall)

Antique Red Wing Union Stoneware Self Draining Sanitary Jar

Two large Foam Sculpted and Painted (Sunflowers) Legs (each about 6′ tall)

Antique radiators

Antique water cooler

Set Pieces from episodes about Shangri-La (The Librarians)

In-house made Roulette Table

Assorted Iconic Doors (Dungeon, Industrial, DOSA, Bridgeport BrewPub, Jail, etc.,)

Neon Sign

Special FX Caveman (goes by the name of “Link” apparently)

Assorted in-house made signs, posters, banners, flags, artwork

antique typewriters

assorted primitives

Niagara Falls National Park Sign

The Librarians Posters


Welcome To Fargo city sign

Eastlake furniture

Boat named Renee

Clothes and Costumes

Tons of men’s and women’s clothing – over 60 packed Z-racks of clothes and well over 500 pairs of shoes for sale!!! Everything must go!!! We have it all priced to go!!!

Jenkin’s Gambeson and some other principal’s clothing and shoes…

Hats from Leverage…

Women’s size range: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14

Men’s size range: XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL

Christmas Costumes:



Leather Jackets Men and Women:




Reed Sportswear Leathers by Jeffery Guess

Vintage Red Harbor

Leather Loft

Crystal Candy

Forever 21

What Goes Around Comes Around Authentic Vintage

Territory Ahead

Costume Jackets and Shirts from different law enforcement agencies

Costume Coveralls

31+ handbags/purses:

Nine West

Sag Harbor

Anne Klein

Kimchi Blue


28+ clutches:

Style & Co

Sandra Robert’s

Lulu Townsend


Steven by Steve Madden

100+ hats: Cowboy, fedora, pork pie, – all types

Toucan Collection

Golden Gate Hat Co.



Beaver Brand Hats


100+ Men’s suits and suit jackets (All Sizes): John Varvatos, Klein, Joseph Abboud, Pronto Uomo, Billy London, APT 9, J Ferrar, Merona, DKNY, Izod, Wilke-Rodriguez, Steinway, Joseph & Feiss, Ralph Lauren, Tallis, Alfani, Tasso Elba, Nautica, Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, Andrew Fezza, Tommy Hilfiger,

Sportswear: snow pants and bibs, jerseys, etc.

Belts, neck ties, bow ties, scarves, shawls, socks, gloves, insoles

Assorted types of shoes: work boots, cowboy boots, dress shoes, sandals, high heels, sneakers, tactical boots, rain boots, penny loafers, casual, etc., (brands include, but not limited to Skecher’s, Prada, Varvatos, Florsheim, Harley Davidson, Nann Bush, Cole Haan, Chippewa, Columbia, Stamford, Coach, Ecco, Dr. Martens, Mudd, Jeffrey Campbelll, Nike, Merona, Timberland, Magnanni, Bed Stu, Justin Boots, Jessica Simpson, Merrell, Franco Sarto, Land’s End, Nine West, Bass, Georgia Boot, Enzo Angiolini, Ariat, Lucky Brand, Tony Lama, Wolverine, Tsubo, Kenneth, Cole, Levi’s…)

Garage Stuff

Miscellaneous hand tools

Some power tools




Assorted materials

Rigging Cables

Metal chain

Ratcheting straps


Iron and aluminum pipe

Welding masks

Tool chests

Assorted electronic devices



Gardening tools


Backpack sprayers


Pumbing tools and supplies

Shop lights

Trash cans

Assorted barrels and casks

Pelican Cases

Furniture (various styles and makers – vintage, antique, contemporary)

As mentioned before, most of the furniture from the Library Annex (The Librarians main set) is in the sale.

Assorted dining tables and chairs


Leather armchairs



Vintage dental cabinet

Barber’s chair

Assorted stainless steel tables

Coffee tables

Side tables

Baby Crib and Baby furniture

Occasional tables

Assorted antique furniture


Curio cabinets


Various tables


Various vintage and antique trunks and chests



Corner cabinets

File cabinets



Medical and Science Equipment

Hospital beds (good working condition)

Hospital cabinets and screens

Cadaver table

Wheel chairs

Assorted hospital/medical supplies


Graduated cylinders

Bunsen burner


First Aid supplies


science lab equipment

wet specimens (rabbit, piglets, rat, snake, frog, pigeon, turtle, etc.,)



Filming Gear and Equipment

Vintage studio pedestal (made by Innovative Television Equipment, California)

Assorted Professional Film-Standard Blue Screens and Green Screens (Made by the Rag Place)

30′ x 100′ chromakey blue tempo (largest blue screen in the NW)

30′ x 18″ chromakey blue tempo dutchman

30′ x 30′ chromakey blue knockout

30′ x 45′ chromakey blue tempo

20′ x 30′ chromakey blue tempo

20′ x 18″ chromakey blue tempo

12′ x 18″ chromakey blue tempo

(Set of 4) 20″ x 30′ chromakey blue tempo

20′ x 30′ chromakey green tempo

12′ x 30′ chromakey green tempo

60″ x 20′ roll of chromakey blue tempo

20′ x 30′ digi green screen

20′ x 20′ green screen

20′ x 30′ green screen

assorted prochroma tape

Huge Velour Stage Curtains and cloth

Micro Dolly EZ Jib

Name Brand Gel Rolls

Snapbag DS 6 Frame (for Digital Sputnik)

Sports Equipment

Horse tack – English saddle, bits, reins, saddle blanket,

Various helmets (bicycle, baseball, etc.,)

Baseball gloves

Camping equipment – tents, sleeping bags, camp chairs, canteens,


Tactical and army issue – holsters, pouches, bags, etc.,

Large army tents

Chess pieces and chess boards






Countertop appliances – coffee makers, microwaves, blender



Pots and pans




Table clothes

Paper products

Popcorn maker

Home Decor (Antique to Modern)






3000+ faux books

50+ doors

Miscellaneous Items

Sico Portable dance floor (1000+ square feet)

Flatscreen TVs

Computers – all-in-one, notebook

Musical equipment and Instruments

100+ assorted flags from different countries and states

mobile server stations

Stand lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, chandeliers, sconces, lampposts

Model ships

Knight’s suit of armor

Bust of Shakespeare

Valet desk

Assorted animal hides – cow, horse – faux animal hides, too

Office Supplies

Telephones, pay telephones

Tons of vintage electronic equipment

Party supplies

Assorted paper – documents, maps, schematics, postcards

Various electronic equipment – ham radio, oscilloscopes, etc.,


Garage sale, moving sale, downsizing sale, rummage sale, business closing

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