It stormed the PC….then it went on to pillage modern consoles….now there’s only one place left to conquer: mobile devices! Bad North, the real-time strategy game from Developer Plausible Concept and publisher Raw Fury, has arrived for iOS and Android.

In Bad North you’re the newly appointed king of a small island, and the Viking hordes want to plunder your home badly. You must command and defend the island — which will be a different size and shape in each game — and use your resources and best strategy tactics to fend off the Vikings. Lose a soldier, and he’s gone. Lose the island and it’s gone as well. (You can always reboot and get another one, but it’s the principle…)

The other versions of Bad North recently upgraded to the Jotunn Edition, which added new gameplay elements and systemsi ncluding the ability to select and start with commanders, selectable hero traits for each commander that give a unique attribute, four new items, a new enemy type, changes to the campaign itself like checkpoint islands that save progress mid-campaign, and a Very Hard difficulty mode for the hardcore only. The version that launches on mobile will include these additions.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition is available now on pretty much everything except physical media, and that problem is being taken care of thanks to a Limited Run release later this fall. Robert Ragnar Ross, host of the popular regional panting show The Joy Of Pillaging, can explain more.

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