Missed The House Of The Devil ten years ago? Don’t even know what that is? Now’s your chance to find out; the horror flick — which distributor Dark Sky Films touts as one of the best-reviewed scary movies of all time — is getting a tenth anniversary rescreening across America this month.

At first glance the plot sounds pretty basic: a young college undergrad accepts a babysitting job from a creepy-looking man who lives in a shadowy, paint-faded old house NEXT TO A CEMETERY — and he doesn’t even have a kid, aiiiieeeeee! You’d almost expect such a setup to be scored by a “Spooky Sounds” cassette tape from the drugstore, but don’t forget that the plot of The Shining is basically “haunted hotel.” It’s all in the execution.

And critics were freaked OUT by The House Of The Devil. Roger Ebert spoke admirably of director Ti West and called him “an admirer of classic horror films [who] understands that if there’s anything scarier than haunted house, it’s a possibly haunted house.”

If you want to give it a try, here’s the full list of places in which The House Of The Devil will be playing this Halloween…

October 8 – Alamo DTLA/Los Angeles – 35mm; Ti in attendance
October 15 – Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Brooklyn – 35mm
October 15 – Alamo Drafthouse Sloans Lake/Denver, CO
October 15 – Alamo Drafthouse Tempe/Tempe, AZ
October 16 – Alamo Drafthouse Westminster/Westminster, CO (Denver market)
October 18 – Alamo Drafthouse Lubbock/Lubbock, TX
October 22 – Alamo Drafthouse New Mission/San Francisco, CA – 35mm; Ti West in attendance
October 22 – Alamo Drafthouse Raleigh/Raleigh, NC
October 22 – Alamo Drafthouse Denton/Denton, TX (Dallas/Ft. Worth market)
October 23 – Alamo Drafthouse Lake Highlands/Dallas, TX
October 24 – Frida Cinema/Santa Ana, CA
October 26 – Alamo Drafthouse Omaha/Omaha, NE – 35mm
October 26 – Olympia Film Society @ The Capitol Theatre/Olympia, WA
October 28 – Alamo Drafthouse Cedars/Dallas, TX
October 28  – Alamo Drafthouse Woodbridge/Woodbridge, VA (Wash. DC market)
October 28 – Alamo Drafthouse North Richland Hills/North Richland Hills, TX
October 29 – Alamo Drafthouse Park North/San Antonio, TX
October 29 – Alamo Drafthouse Corpus Christi/Corpus Christi, TX
October 29 – Alamo Drafthouse Laredo/Laredo, TX
October 30 – Philadelphia Film Center/Philadelphia, PA – 35mm
October 30 – Alamo Drafthouse Littleton/Denver, CO
October 30 – Alamo Drafthouse Loudoun/Ashburn, VA (Wash. DC market)
October 30 – Alamo Drafthouse Montecillo/El Paso, TX
October 30 – Alamo Drafthouse Richardson/Richardson, TX (Dallas/Ft. Worth market)
October 30 – Alamo Drafthouse Woodbury/Woodbury, MN (Minneapolis/St. Paul market)
October 31 – Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane/Austin, TX
October 31 – Alamo Drafthouse Charlottesville/Charlottesville, NC

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