Uncork’d Entertainment is bringing The Heretics to US audiences next month.

Everyone’s looking for Gloria Farrow. She went missing in the woods and now her family is on a frantic search. Farrow is still alive, but she may be wishing otherwise, as she’s run straight into a demonic cult. A young man helps her escape from the dark ritual she was the centerpiece of, but might he have been too late? Her body is now mutating in strange ways….

The Heretics stars Nina Kiri (The Handmaid’s Tale), Ry Barrett (Lifechanger), and Jorja Cadence, and was directed by Chad Archibald. It’s being brought to us by Black Fawn Films, a Canadian production company specializing in horror. They’re previously created the Antisocial series, Bite, and Let Her Out, and now The Heretics.

Look out for The Heretics when it goes On Demand November 6 — and watch for the DVD January 5.

A young woman (Nina Kiri of ”The Handmaid’s Tale”) is abducted by a strange man who claims that a cult is hunting her. His goal is to protect her until sunrise but while restrained, she falls deathly ill. As her friends and family search for her, the source of her illness becomes more and more apparent. She’s not sick…she’s changing.