Last month, before it went on holiday hiatus, The Good Place aired one of its best episodes: “Janets,” which took place almost entirely within Janet’s void and featured the cast entirely rendered in Janet form. D’Arcy Carden performed quintuple duty throughout the episode, accurately portraying Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason along with her regular role as Janet. To make sure the impressions were flawless, D’Arcy practiced for eight months before filming.

So we’ve seen what Janet’s Void is like when others are crammed inside (a feature the Void wasn’t meant for, and it makes Janet belch out Cher tunes). Here’s what Janet’s Void is usually like. The official Good Place YouTube channel turned on a surprise livestream yesterday of Janet standing around in whiteness, waiting to be summoned. It looks something like this:

Like a less intense version of Everybody Loves Hypnotoad, this footage is entirely comprised of Janet standing in the middle of nowhere with her arms neatly folded in clasp position. There is an occasional curveball thrown your way when Janet is summoned and leaves, but that doesn’t happen for the first time until one hour and fifteen minutes into the video. Then you get nothing but a white screen and the hum until Janet returns, at which point she continues to stand and blink.

If you’re thinking this could possibly be included as an extra on the Good Place DVD set….think again. This goes on for five hours.