An indie studio in Peru is currently hard at work on The Girl From Arkanya, a retro-styled 16-bit adventure for consoles and PC. The crowdfunding campaign for the game launched this week and has already earned almost twice what it asked for. And when you check it out, you’ll see why.

There are a lot of Zelda clones out there, but how many will give you a giant rodent that you can control? Yes, in lieu of a fairy, protagonist Marisa has Kapi, her capaybara traveling companion. The capybara is always with you and you can take control of him at any time to push heavy objects….Marisa can also pick up and throw Kapi, and there are times when she’ll need to.

Rather than a fantasy world, The Girl From Arkanya picked a period of world history in a location you don’t see very often. Scroll down on the page and you can read the full backstory of the game’s world and characters. It’s quite detailed.

  • Gorgeous retro pixel art graphics
  • A huge expansive world to explore, with 8 dungeons and 10 regions
  • Novel and creative puzzles and situations making use of the dual-character system
  • 36 unique items and hundreds of treasures
  • Item upgrade chains and item combos
  • Many collectable outfits for Marisa and her capybara
  • An upgradeable clubhouse which certain NPCs can be recruited to

You can guarantee a copy of The Girl From Arkanya for just a $15 pledge, which covers a digital version on your machine of choice, a digital manual, and your name in the credits (more generous than most $15 pledges). Higher tiers throw in the soundtrack, an artbook, beta access, and merch like stickers and trading cards.

There is a tier with a physical copy, but it’s all the way up at $80 and includes everything that was in the tiers before it — some may just want the physical and be irked by this. It also refers to the physical as a “disc,” and not every form of physical media these days takes discs. Does this mean the Switch is getting left out or is the use of “disc” just a generic figure of speech?

Oh yeah, and if you pledge $250, they’ll send you a body pillow of the capybara. Definitely worth it.

The Kickstarter campaign for The Girl From Arkanya will be open until September 3. The game itself is estimated to be complete around May 2021.