The Forever Purge supposedly last film in the purge series


I thought The Purge: Election Year will be the last film in the series because it is a great closure to a trilogy.


Then suddenly along came The First Purge, which is a prequel of the series. I also thought that the fourth film will be the last but here comes The Forever Purge. It will be the fifth film in the franchise. The Purge is about a Dystopian future where the US Government holds an event cold the Purge.  For a limited period, while the event is active, Murder will be Legal,  This helps control the population and ironically it drops the crime rate but at the cost of innocent lives. It is a very political action horror that will make you think about life and your privilege. It also made me more careful on who to vote during elections.

The Purge franchise  is able to spawn 4 movies and a a twenty-episode television series. It is a Dystopian action horror that you can compare to Hunger Games and Battle Royale. Now we are going to have the fifth film on the franchise.  This direct sequel to the Purge Election years is promised to be the final film in the franchise.  I am not sure if I can trust that because every Final Destination film made that promise. If you have plans to binge the whole series before watching the 5th film, here is a recommended order:

The Purge ,The Purge: Anarchy,The Purge: Election Year and The First Purge.  The First Purge is a prequel but it is better to complete the trilogy first before watching this one.  Now on this fifth Film, The Purge is illegal and banned in the whole USA but a Mexican couple will have to survive an Illegal Purge in Texas where the main target is the two of them.