It’s almost time for the final season of Legion; the one “superhero” series where you truly don’t know what to expect.

One of the big questions hanging over Legion is if it’s telling the origin of a hero or a villain, and Season 2 seemed to answer that pretty loudly when David pivoted to the Dark Side in the last episode. Season 3 picks up from there, with David enlisting the help of whacked-out Lenny to start a cult. Or maybe the cult is actually a Renaissance Fair inside a duck that’s in the belly of a bear that vomits leprechaun spleens. Given the show we’re dealing with, both are equally as likely.

The members of Summerland have a new mission: stop David! They’re forced to team up with the Shadow King to do so, AKA the Big Bad before David became the Bigger Bad. But as Farouk points out, “how do you surprise someone who can go back in time and warn himself?”

Does David have that power? We have no idea, just like we’re not sure of anything else that’s going on. But a new mutant will join the cast this season — Switch, played by Lauren Tsai. If she’s the time traveler, she’s the key to global domination for David. David’s track record of working with others isn’t good however.

The world’s only hope may be David’s father, Charles Xavier, who we briefly see here donning his Cerebro hat. In the comics, it came down to one telepath against another. It may roll out that way on TV as well.

Legion rises June 24, for its third and final season on FX.

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