The Dark Phoenix Saga is the most iconic X-Men story of them all. It’s technically already been made into a movie, but….no one talks about that in polite company. Can 20th Century Fox get it right the second time, or will it take Disney to do the events justice? We’re about to find out.

Over the weekend Fox released the latest trailer for The Dark Phoenix. Jean Grey is already one of the known universe’s most powerful telepaths, but does she have untapped potential that could make her even stronger? There’s a presence inside her she’s been struggling to keep down — which calls itself the Phoenix — and it’s taking over. To save the world, the X-Men may be forced to fight one of their own (don’t worry about killing her, Scott, she dies all the time).

At one point in the trailer we see the mutants lined up in a van, restrained with glowing shackles, which probably means the government uses the Phoenix as an excuse to contain all Mutantkind. It appears Jean/Phoenix “rescues” them from that fate, but they’ll probably prefer jail in about ten seconds.

Another thing we don’t know is if Dark Phoenix is the last independent 20th Century Fox X-Men movie (the deal with Disney closes this spring). It’s possible this could be the last time we see this particular continuity, and as a result, Fox could use that excuse to have Phoenix start killing major characters….but we really hope not, as that would make it too much like X-Men 3 for comfort.

Dark Phoenix starts playing in theaters June 7.