The Dark Eye, Germany’s most successful tabletop RPG, is getting the video game treatment in a few months. Wild River Games is working on a straight conversion of the game’s rules (first established in 1984) to a video game format, with the cooperation of rights owner Ulisses Spiele.

Book of Heroes doesn’t look like it’s going to radically reinvent the wheel as far as classic RPGs go. You’ve got your top-down view, your quests and professions, your monsters and your NPCs to save from them. There are twelve different professions and four species to choose from, and each character will have their own personal agenda, tasks, and missions. All maps in the game are procedurally generated.

The Dark Eye: Book Of Heroes is primarily a multiplayer experience, but it supports offline single-player gameplay…just hire some heroes at the bar and off you go. Co-op mode supports up to four players at once.

· 12 playable professions all available in TDE
· 4 playable species from TDE
· Exciting quests and tasks
· One or more players
· Extensive character customization
· Character creation and customization with Inrah cards!
· Hand-painted graphics by well-known TDE artists
· Exciting solo stories
· Lots of familiar places, characters, and adversaries from the TDE universe

The Dark Eye: Book Of Heroes is scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2020 for PC. You can wishlist the game on Steam by heading here.