The Cycle is a free-to-play, match-based first person shooter with a focus on PvEvP. It’s currently in Early Access form on the Epic Games Store, and it’s just launched its first season of content.

However, to get the majority of this content you’ll have to pay for it….and since you didn’t pay for the game itself, you had to have known this was coming. Here’s what to expect in The Cycle’s first season pass, which they call the Fortuna Pass:

  • The Silver pass (free for all players) includes 30 unlockable rewards.
  • The Gold pass (premium, available for 950 Aurum) is packed with over 120 unlockable rewards, including: two new archetypes (the Thrill Seeker and the Veteran), new weapon skins and coatings, melee weapons, emotes, and banners that can be planted during a match to mark territory.
  • Gold players can still level up the free Silver Fortuna Pass, giving them access to over 150 unlockable rewards in all.
  • Players can also complete daily and weekly challenges to speed up their Fortuna Pass progress.

The Cycle takes place on the distant planet of Fortuna III, with the goal of mining its resources and making a fortune. Unfortunately, this planet is full of space prospectors who have the same idea as you. You can play either solo or with a team (you probably want a team with this one)…your goal is to blast off with more valuable minerals than anyone else!

Season 1 of The Cycle will last about three months. You can see what’s ahead for the game by checking out the content development roadmap at

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