The Cycle is a free-to-play, match-based first person shooter with a focus on PvEvP. It’s currently in Early Access form on the Epic Games Store, and it’s just introduced its second season of content.

There’s a lot to see. The new Crescent Falls map is a large, vertical area with four unique biomes, a town center and even a spaceship. All available game modes are now ranked, and there’s a new space lobby to hang out in where you can check out stats and contracts before each match.

However, to experience ALL the content in Season 2 you’ll need the Fortuna Pass, and not the same Fortuna Pass that granted Season 1’s content. There are two variants of this new Pass you can obtain:

  • The free pass features over 50 rewards like emotes, banners, skins, coatings, crafting resources and in-game currency.
  • The premium Gold pass is bursting with more than 125 exclusive goodies, including two new archetypes (the gunslinging Troublemaker and heavy armor Korolev Paladin), new vehicle types, customization for your drop pod, melee swords, emotes, banners, skins, coatings, crafting resources and in-game currency, as well as all 50+ rewards from the free pass on top.
  • There are also new and more varied challenges with which to level up your pass.

The Cycle takes place on the distant planet of Fortuna III, with the goal of mining its resources and making a fortune. Unfortunately, this planet is full of space prospectors who have the same idea as you. You can play either solo or with a team (you probably want a team with this one)…your goal is to blast off with more valuable minerals than anyone else!

Season 2 of The Cycle is now live. You can see what’s ahead for the game by checking out the content development roadmap at

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