The CW revealed their 2019 fall schedule this morning. Ai Chihuahua, this is the kind of news that gets your day off to a bad start.

This is the big problem: they’ve made a strategy shift with one of the shows. Arrow is a dead series walking and has about ten episodes to go. The big headliner this season is Batwoman, a show we expected to fill Arrow’s spot once it leaves in December. The “Crisis” crossover could neatly bow Ollie out of the Berlantiverse and pass the baton to Kate Kane. It would have worked great.

But The CW execs must’ve thought it was too high-profile a series to hold back, so it’s premiering this fall instead. That means something else had to be pushed into midseason. And to our rage and fury….it’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends is The CW’s best DC series, with wonderful humor and a “just go for it” attitude you rarely see on TV (at least done this well). Its characters are incredibly rich and instantly lovable, and the entire show is pretty much a 60-minute party. Everything just….WORKS, to a level the other DC shows should be envious of. To see The CW continue to treat this show like crap is incredibly disappointing.

This isn’t our only complaint. Why is All-American, a show that got far lower ratings than Charmed, getting the prime Monday slot while the sisters are getting banished to Fridays? How exactly is Nancy Drew a perfect pair with Riverdale? (Actually, we can answer that last one….the vibe in this trailer feels mighty familiar).

The CW’s 2019 schedule is posted below. Look at your own risk.

8 pm All American (new night)
9 pm Black Lightning

8 pm The Flash
9 pm Arrow (new night)

8 pm Riverdale 
9 pm Nancy Drew

8 pm Supernatural
9 pm Legacies

8 pm Charmed (new night)
9 pm Dynasty (new time slot)

8 pm Batwoman
9 pm Supergirl (new time slot)

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