Fans of The CW’s iZombie (including myself) can breathe easier. The network announced today it is keeping the adventures of Liv Moore and her friends, enemies and frenemies going through 2019. I believe this will officially be the longest creator Rob Thomas has ever kept a series on the air — the famous Veronica Mars, which launched the career of Kristen Bell, lasted just three seasons.

The least surprising news of the day is The CW’s series orders for their Charmed and Roswell reboots. The network is expanding to Sunday nights, and it makes sense to use familiar properties in an unproven night….so they did. We don’t know what they look like yet (trailers have yet to be released), but we sure hope they’re good.

The CW also ordered “All-American,” about a football player who is transferred to an upper-class high school…’s boilerplate teen-soap stuff and doesn’t sound very interesting. One wild card happens to be “In The Dark,” a dramedy about “a flawed and irreverent blind woman” who’s determined to track down her friend’s killer. The thing about The CW is that it has success with both very grounded shows and very out-there fantastical shows, but rarely anything in between. Slightly quirky stuff like “No Tomorrow” and “Life Sentence” hasn’t worked in the ratings. If you end up liking “In The Dark,” try not to get too attached to it.

As for the remainder, two spinoffs — one of Supernatural, one set in The Vampire Diaries/Originals universe — were in contention against each other. The CW said “doesn’t Supernatural have enough episodes?’ and ordered what is being called “Legacies.” Consider me disappointed; the Supernatural spinoff (called “Wayward Sisters”) sounded more promising.