The Brazilian horror-comedy The Cannibal Club, touted as one of the goriest films in recent memory, will be crossing over into US territories soon, thanks to Uncork’d Entertainment.

Otavio and Gilda are a power couple with great influence in Brazilian society. What’s their secret? How do they stay on top? By making mincemeat of their rivals! And then baking the mincemeat into a nice meatloaf, served with orange gravy!

You see, there’s a secret club in Brazil called the Cannibal Club, and it’s what it says on the tin. To get in, you have to be (1) rich and (2) have a habit of eating people. (Before you ask, we can confirm Bolsonaro is a member.)

You would think there would be no secrets in a club of cannibals, but when Gilda and Otavio discover a scandalous one regarding the president of the club, they find themselves in deep trouble. Can they stay out of the frying pan and keep their buns away from the oven?

The Cannibal Club was directed by Guto Parente. It’s not only coming to on-demand platforms, but it’ll have a selected theatrical run too. It opens in theaters March 1 and reaches VOD March 5, courtesy of Uncork’d.

Otavio and Gilda are a very wealthy couple of the Brazilian elite who have the habit of eating their employees. Otavio owns a private security company and is a notable member of The Cannibal Club. When Gilda accidentally discovers a secret from Borges, a powerful congressman and the Club’s leader, her and her husband’s lives are in grave danger.