They’ve brought us Tales from The Loop, Mutant: Year Zero, and other tabletop projects… Free League Publishing are going straight to HP Lovecraft’s perennially popular world and answering The Call of Cthulhu.

What has risen may sink, and what has sunk may rise… 

When Francis Thurston discovers notes left behind by his grand-uncle, he soon discovers evidence of an unspeakable horror. An insight that something beyond reality itself is haunting humanity. Nightmarish visions of a colossal city that rises from the sea and a sleeping god that drives people into madness. In the shadows, those dwell that wish to awaken the one that slumbers in order to spread madness and destruction over the world.

Step by step, Francs realizes that his relative’s research got too close to the truth. Francis becomes obsessed by the search for knowledge, while ancient powers rises from the depth and a darkness descends upon the world. The stars are right. The end is near.

This isn’t an original story inspired by Lovecraft’s writing…this IS Lovecraft’s writing. It’s the actual Call of Cthulhu, reprinted on large paper and brought to life by the acclaimed artist François Baranger. A pledge of $32 gets you the hardcover, with part of the proceeds going directly to Baranger. $54 gets you the book, a full poster of key artwork, and all unlocked stretch goals (which include an embossed cover and a bonus roleplaying game).

Free League’s Kickstarter for The Call Of Cthulhu has already busted its initial goal and may have already earned three times that much by the time you read these words. Reserve your copy by pledging here.