Anyone remember a horror movie called The Boy, which came out in 2016? A trailer for a sequel suddenly appeared today, which is…weird. And if you don’t know why it’s weird, you probably never saw The Boy. So if you ever plan to, you should skip these next three paragraphs….

The original The Boy involved a woman played by Lauren Cohan who took an odd job in a creepy house where she was assigned to look after a doll. The ad said it was supposed to be a boy, and she can hardly believe it when its “parents” give her a list of caretaking rules as if the doll is alive.

But maybe it IS alive?? Strange things start happening while the woman is alone in the house with the boy. The doll moves from one room to the other when she isn’t looking. Objects start disappearing and reappearing. Is it truly a haunted doll?

…..It wasn’t. In one of the wilder twists of 2010s cinema, the actual boy that inspired the doll, now a lanky teenager, was living in the walls of the house and manipulating both the doll and the woman’s sanity. How nutty!

Guess what….STX Entertainment changed their minds. The doll IS haunted, at least according to Brahms: The Boy 2. Also, its name is Brahms. Doesn’t roll off the tongue as well as “Annabelle,” but they want to make a similar franchise out of this thing, so….never mind what happened in The Boy I, this is Male Annabelle.

Cohan is not back….Katie Holmes plays the new hapless maiden who has to deal with this thing. She’s also got a family of her own, played by Christopher Convery (“Gotham”), Owain Yeoman (The Belko Experience) and Ralph Ineson (The Witch). No one is playing the teenager because he was retconned (maybe by Brahms’s magic!)

Brahms: The Boy 2 comes out February 21.