Of all the satirical cartoons that have aired on television, none had more of a razor-sharp edge and a savage BITE than Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks, which first debuted on Adult Swim nearly fifteen years ago. The show sailed through a terrific and memorable three seasons, before McGruder quit and a bootleg-quality fourth season was pasted together to fill out the library.

Ever since, the world has sorely needed commentary from Huey, Riley and Granddad. Things have fallen completely apart without them. Only the backhand of Huey Freeman can slap some sense into this country…it’s time for McGruder to come back. Fortunately he agrees.

WB has ordered two new seasons of The Boondocks, to begin airing in the fall of 2020 starting with a 55-minute special. Synopsis is that the Freemans have moved to a quiet community in Maryland, only to discover that it’s not as quiet as they figured — Uncle Ruckus has returned and he’s taken over the local government.

“There’s a unique opportunity to revisit the world of The Boondocks and do it over again for today,” says McGruder. “It’s crazy how different the times we live in are now – both politically and culturally – more than a decade past the original series and two decades past the original newspaper comic. There’s a lot to say and it should be fun.”

So when is Adult Swim airing the new episodes? ….Uhh, funny story. Warner Bros decided these new Boondocks cartoons would be a better attraction for their upcoming HBO Max streaming service, and will be debuting them there instead. This means forking over cash to see ’em, and HBO Max promises to be the most expensive of the lot. Riley would call that wack.

Looking on the bright side of this, placement on HBO means McGruder will no longer have his episodes censored for air or banned outright. The existing 55 episodes are coming to HBO Max too, and none of them will be left out, including the two episodes slamming BET that WB skipped out of fearing their lawyers.

The Boondocks returns in the fall of 2020 on HBO Max.

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