At a time when it seems like everything is being forced to shut down, one thing is actually starting up again: the Bleach anime. Viz Media confirmed this weekend that the rumors are true — it’s coming back, and they’ll be the ones to bring it to you.

After adapting most of the Bleach manga as well as a LOT of filler, the Bleach anime shut down production in 2012. The manga went on for a few more years after that with the Thousand-Year Blood War story arc, before ending in 2016. It’s this arc that the new (and final) season will be adapting.

The announcement was made via a series of press releases on this Japanese web site. Originally Viz planned to dramatically reveal the return of Bleach during the AnimeJapan 2020 event…that day would have been today, in fact. But the harshness of nature had other plans and we were notified by PR instead.

There is more Bleach coming than just the TV series. A new anime is also in the works based on Tite Kubo’s one-shot manga Burn the Witch. The story is a spinoff of the Bleach series and centers around two witches who work for the Western Branch of Soul Society in Reverse London.

If you’re unfamiliar with Bleach, you can read the entire manga, including the Thousand-Year Blood War story arc, on Viz’s website (it requires an account). More about the new Bleach season will be revealed in future months.