Everything has changed after the first Big Bang hit MapleStory Europe, however the Maple World expands to even another level where players are able to adventure the immersive content released today. The second chapter of Big Bang reveals the new map Edelstein with two new hero classes, the Wild Hunter and Battle Mage to resist the wicked forces spawned by the Black Mage.

The Rise of Resistance
The Resistance is the flame in the darkness who are the rebellion against the Black Wings. They will free their town, no matter the cost. Using new magic and their natural skills, new heroes will join the legends of Maple World to battle the minions of the Black Mage. Hiding as ordinary Edelstein citizens by day, by night a growing legion will band together to overthrow the Black Wings.
The New Heroes
Using his staff to beat back the Black Wings, the Battle Mage will be the first into danger, placing himself between his teammates and the forces of darkness whereas the Wild Hunter will shoot down her targets with deadly accuracy racing through Edelstein on the back of a Jaguar! Choose from the two heroic classes and join the Resistance to fight off the Black Mage!

The Hot Time Continues
To celebrate the Rise of the Resistance release, MapleStory will be having its second Hot Time event at 7:30pm (GMT+1) sharp on Saturday, August 6th, 2011. Players logged in at this time will all receive an SP Reset Scroll as well as a chance to win a timeless item or other high valued prizes. Players are encouraged to log in early and participate in the 2X EXP and drop event from 6:30p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (GMT+1) to ensure Hot Time participation.