Not too long ago, my buddy Bob of the Battle For Salvation gaming club in White Plains NY (that’s called a shout out kids) called me up.  He had gotten his hands on the 5th edition D&D module The Curse of Strahd.  He thought it would be fun to get a few buddies together and run it for us.  My schedule is/was pretty busy but I hadn’t played with their crew in a long time so I said “Count me in!”.  I thought it might be fun to make a blog about it, written in character.  Sort of like reading the journal entries my character would make as he lived through the story.  As I was putting the character together, I was (as usual) getting obsessed with his back story and felt that this whole blog thing could work.  

 Now, I know that giving major story spoilers for a published adventure would be pretty rude.  I will be keeping campaign story details to a minimum.  I’m not making a review or synopsis of the sessions, filling you in on every little detail.  I am telling a story of a troubled man going through a very troubling part of his life.  Yeah, a few nuggets of the story’s contents will make it into the blog but it’s his feelings and viewpoints that I want to put out there for people to read. My intention is to kind of show the process of putting a character together, then adapting that character as the world around him/her wrecks havoc on their psyche.  I’ll be starting with his backstory, his life BEFORE the game begins, then posting every now and then as the adventure unfolds.

 My character is named, as the title gave away, Benvolio Gallipoli.  He is an elf, but a special type called an Eladrin.  Eladrin are slightly more magical elves who reside in the Feywild, the dimension that elven heritage originated from.  Details on Eladrin can be found in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, I added the slight tweak to them found in the Sept 2017 Unearthed Arcana article on D&D’s official website.  Basically, it allows for an extra cantrip based on seasons.  I simply decided, because my birthday is in the spring, to just use the spring cantrip, Minor Illusion.  Benvolio Gallipoli is a Fighter, using the Duelist fighting style and the Eldrich Knight Archtype.  I chose the Criminal backround for reasons that will make sense when you learn about his story.  He has been banished to the world of man from his home in the Feywild, but more on that later….

 So, keep an eye out soon for the first blog post, that will fill you in on his backstory.  Then, I’ll periodically post about how the game affects him.  I’ll also try, depending on my sub-par internet skills get his stats and description of the build I use as I go.  Please enjoy!!!  

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