AR company Immersion has combined their tech with the illustrations of Jakub Różalski to create The Ancients, a real-time strategy game that superimposes itself over your camera view. In the game, the monsters rise out of the ocean (or wherever you happen to be) and you’ll command an army of warships to defeat them. The game also has a non-AR mode if you get worried about battery life.

According to Piotr Baczyński, CEO of Immersion, “The Ancients AR was originally only going to be released as a VR game when development began in 2016 – but once we realized that cutting-edge augmented reality was finally coming to iOS, we decided to initially focus on harnessing the power of ARKit and delivering the most visually arresting augmented reality game iOS users have ever seen.”

  • Real-time strategy mechanics put players in the heart of the action.
  • Stunning special effects make the most of augmented reality.
  • Epic sea battles rage on as players cast the Ancients’ arcane magic.
  • High-quality graphics and crisp sound bring the Ancients to life.
  • In-game highlights can be easily shared with friends and family.
  • Breathtaking art from renowned artist Jakub Różalski.

Look for The Ancients AR on the App Store May 15, when it’ll go on sale for $6.99. It’s still not too late to preorder the game by going to this link (though you really don’t get any bonus for doing so).

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