Lax Viking Games has just released the public alpha build of its new real-time combat simulator, Super Combat Squadron. It’s a strategy game heavily influenced by Advance Wars — if you know how to play that game, you can play this one. It even has a lot of similar characters….the one in the promo image resembles what would happen if Nell from Advance Wars and Cyndi Lauper had a baby.

There is one key difference….Super Combat Squadron is a REAL-TIME strategy game, meaning your enemies aren’t going to wait for your next decision the way they do in Advance Wars. You’ve got to think strategically — and quickly!

Demo Features:
  • 12 maps showcasing the various environmental styles of SCS
  • 1v1 Single Player skirmish versus computer AI
  • 1v1 P2P Online Skirmish Multiplayer versus other players
Planned Release Features:
  • Custom level support to create and release your own maps
  • Single-player Campaign with a branching narrative based on your actions and performance in battle
  • Online Skirmish Multiplayer supporting up to 12 or more players with teams
  • A cast of playable Commanders who’s presence affects the flow of combat via ability kits

Perhaps the best thing about everything I just told you is that it’s free, at least for the time being…and to play it, there are no accounts or downloads needed! All you need is the web browser you’re using right this second. The alpha runs on a webpage…try it out!

Future versions of Super Combat Squadron will be released based on feedback from this alpha test.