First there came Lego….now there is Terraino! This miracle product has been developed exclusively for use in D&D and other tabletop campaigns. You simply snap together the pieces and poof, you have a fully designed environment in no time, ready for adventuring. So where do you find it?

Nowhere. Here’s the twist about Terraino: you’ve got to MAKE it instead. The side of the product you have to BUY is the instruction manuals that show you how to form the pieces. Terraino is designed for folks who don’t have access to 3D printers or the budget to send away for expensive terrain systems. The whole concept is designed to keep costs as low as possible.

“Terraino is built from the cheapest of materials: dollar foamboard from Dollar Tree, craft paints and glue from Walmart,” reads the product description at “You also only need the most basic of crafting tools: hot glue gun, metal ruler and a utility knife, all of which are super cheap and available almost anywhere.”

No skills with construction or art talent is required to make Terraino….all you need to know is found in the simple instructions the manuals provide. Currently the complete set of Terraino manuals are on sale for $39.99 (normal price $49.99). Separately, the Basics of Terraino manual can be browsed through for free.

Get Terraino today and build the RPG world of your fantasies in no time.

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