Gala Networks Europe, one of the leading free-to-play games publishers and operator of the portal, is delighted to announce that Birthright, the latest expansion for Terra Militaris, the history-based real time strategy MMO, will launch this afternoon. The expansion will also see the addition of one new server per language and a host of fantastic prizes will be available for players on each of the new servers in a variety of challenge competitions.

The new servers will be named Orion (German), Minotaure (French), Medusa (English), and Hydra (Polish). The celebratory competitions are the New World Conquest Championship, the Guild Territory Event, the Era Progression Event, the Nobility Login Event, and the Merchant Race and Video Guides Event, all of which offer the chance to win exclusive prizes.

The New World Conquest Championship on the new servers will engage the most decorated and storied of war lords in a competition for exclusive real world and in-game prizes. Players will be challenged to be on top of the ranking, in different categories, over the course of one and a half months. will set a score for each ranking position and at the end of the event the total scores for each player in the top 25 of the categories will be tallied. The categories will be: rank, fame, hero levels, merchant levels, missionary levels, and arena wins. All players within the top 25 will receive a reward, with a Samsung Galaxy tab P1010 reserved for the first place winner and an Asus netbook for second place. Many other related spoils will be delivered to successive conquerors.

Also running on the new servers are the Guild Territory Event and the Era Progression Event. The former will grant in-game rewards for the guild with the largest territory after the 45-day competition period. The Era Progression Event offers in-game rewards for the first three players to reach the fifth era.

Taking place across all servers is the Nobility Login event. All players who log into the game every day of the first five days following the launch of Birthright will enter a lottery where they have a chance to win one of 200 Seven Day Silver Nobility Cards.

For the original Terra Militaris servers, a merchant race will be held. Players who enter will have to start at a selected village or city and then race their merchants to the other destination village or city. All participants get one of each resource pack: food, lumber, stone, metal, gold. The winner will be able to decide a server event for a weekend. There will also be a Video Guide event in which players will be asked to create video guides about game content for further rewards.

Players are encouraged to watch out for chances to win rewards on’s Facebook and Twitter pages and to visit the new servers once they have been launched. In all, there will be prizes totalling €8,000 in value ready to be claimed by only the most determined and skilled of leaders.

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