Smoldering just beyond the Telaran horizon lies Ember Isle. Once home to the enigmatic Kelari Elves, the recently rediscovered island has stood shrouded in mystery for centuries, but now Defiant and Guardian leaders have set their sights on Ember Isle, a prize that could turn the tide in the battle against the planes.

Beginning today, Ascended can journey to Ember Isle via travel stones on Telara’s main continent and experience everything the massive zone has to offer, including more than a hundred quests, the Caduceus Rise dungeon, and the new “Onslaught” gameplay mode.

Rift™: From the Embers features:

  • Ember Isle – Designed for experienced level 50 players, Ember Isle is twice the size of the largest zone currently in the game and will feature stunning environments, new monsters, colossi, and zone events
  • New DungeonRift’s newest and largest dungeon, Caduceus Rise, debuts with 11 tough bosses, nonlinear progression, Normal mode, and two Expert mode wings
  • New 10-Player Raid – Experience “Rise of the Phoenix,” the new 10-player sliver in Stonefield
  • New Warfront Mode – Black Garden now features an alternate warfront mode called “Stockpile”
  • Planar Attunement Evolved – 2nd tier of Planar Attunement now available

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