Today video game publisher Team17 announced they’re partnering with Swedish developer Warpzone Studios to create Hammerting, a new game described as a dwarf mining colony sim. There’s a war going on in the Overworld, and though our diminutive heroes are too short to last very long out there, they can help the cause by mining elements, crafting weapons and gear, and selling them to their allies.

“It goes without saying that we’re looking forward to working with Team17 and join their line-up with Hammerting,” says Linda Zetterman, CEO of Warpzone Studios. “The prospect for us as an indie developer to join up with a company that understands our needs is invaluable.”

“We’re thrilled with our new partners, Warpzone Studios,” adds Debbie Bestwick of Team17. “They are a great cultural fit for our games label and Hammerting is a fantastic addition to our already diverse and high-quality portfolio. We can’t wait to work with Warpzone and bring dwarven mining to the masses.”

That’s really all we know at this early stage, aside from the teaser trailer released by Warpzone (see below). Hammerting will be released at an unspecified time.

Team17 is proud to announce its partnership with Swedish developer, Warpzone Studios on their upcoming game, Hammerting. A dwarven mining colony sim with RPG elements, Hammerting takes place deep underneath the mysterious mountains of Mara. As war rages in the Overworld, players will need to craft, explore and fight while providing allies with the finest weapons and gear to assist in the battle against evil.

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