Team Samurai: Samurai Shodown characters debuted as a team in KOF XV


Team Samurai debuts as the Next DLC team for King of Fighters XV. Nakoruru, who made her KOF debut in KOF XIV, makes her return but with two different teammates. The last time she appeared in a KOF game. The Ainu princess teams up with Pachinko Machine characters Mui Mui and Love Heart.

The King of Fighters is SNK’s crossover game. The teams were composed of characters from SNK’s IPs like Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, etc. Although in the recent games, it doesn’t feel like a crossover anymore. Recently, original characters have outnumbered characters from different SNK games.
Now Nakoruru teams up with her fellow Samurai Shodown characters.
This is the first time a Samurai Shodown team got represented in the King of Fighters. One of the reasons is that these characters are supposed to be dead as they are from a different historical era, Edo Period Japan. The only logical explanation is that Nakoruru is not only an immortal, but she can travel space and time, so that’s why she can bring people from her era into the modern day.

Team Samurai KOF XV trailer

Nakoruru will be joined  by the lead character of Samurai Shodown himself, Haohmaru.  Him Making it in the roster  is a celebration because all lead characters of SNK Top fighting games are represented.

The third Samurai Shodown representation is Darli Dagger, and she just made her debut in the 2019 Samurai Shodown game. So she got so popular that she had taken the spot of Samurai Shodown characters with longer histories. The character models of Team Samurai don’t look built from scratch, and They are obviously copy-pasted from their original game. That completes the first Season pass of DLCs for KOF XV. SNK also teased the first two characters of Season 2!
Kim Kaphwan from Fatal Fury and Shingo Yabuki from KOF 97 will be the first two DLC coming next year.