Tank Maniacs is available now on Steam!

Featuring a healthy degree of cartoonish carnage, vengeful bots and tons of content at launch, the game is perfect for those tired of boorish single-player campaigns that are too serious for their own good.

Developed by Hungarian studio Gamelab, Tank Maniacs perfects 4-player local multiplayer (and online multiplayer through Steam’s Remote Play Together feature) with eleven different tanks and characters, eight distinct maps, and four insane PvP modes. But the fun doesn’t end there: Taking things to a whole new level, the game’s official Twitch extension allows the audience to influence the streamer’s game. The full version of Tank Maniacs also introduces some standout game modes: “Gameshow” (Twitch extras without the chat voting), and “Symmetric Showdown” (every player switches to the same tank periodically to ensure a fair playing field).

At its heart, Tank Maniacs is a fast-paced local multiplayer party game featuring wonderfully weird tanks, fun characters, and friendship-destroying battles. The game has won some awards as well.

Although Tank Maniacs is primarily a local couch party game, it is possible to play over the Internet through Steam’s Remote Play Together feature. When a new game is launched, the host can send invites via Steam Overlay. (Players need to already be friends on Steam, of course.) Once everyone’s in, voice chat will be automatically enabled.

Tank Maniacs is now available on Steam for $9.74 – a 35% discount. On December 12, the game will return to its original retail price of $14.99.

More information is available here on Steam.

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