Painted Creek Productions and Lakeview Pictures have announced a new TV series is now underway that should appear on Amazon Prime Video later this fall.

It’s called “Tale of Tails” and it is not, in fact, a Sonic the Hedgehog spinoff. “Tails” is actually the name of the seedy bar the new series centers around, as well as the morally compromised characters that frequent it. It’s not uncommon for petty crimes to go unreported at Tails, but when a murder takes place, all eyes become focused on the bar.

Who killed the exotic dancer whose body turns up in the bathroom? Nick, the bar owner, will have to get to the bottom of this. The murderer could be any of his clientele.

Tale of Tails stars Harley Wallen, Tevis Marcum, Kaiti Wallen, Jovie Lyn, Grover McCants and Jimmie Chiapelli. Wallen also serves as director, producer along with Wallen, and co-writer along with Marcum. Special guest stars for the first season include Blanca Blanco, Yan Birch, and MMA and UFC/Rizin veteran Daron Cruickshank.

A new TV series, featuring recognized stars from both the film and fight industry, is in the works from Painted Creek Productions and Lakeview Pictures.

Tale of Tails is now filming in Detroit, Michigan, for a Fall 2020 debut on Amazon Prime Video.

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