Playhouse Arrives On Digital November 17

After a screening at London’s Frightfest last August, North American distributor Devilworks has picked up the supernatural horror film Playhouse for distribution. It’ll be arriving on VOD formats next month.

A famous horror writer is looking for inspiration to craft his new play. But there doesn’t seem to be much of that around, so he moves into an ancient abandoned castle and drags along his teenage daughter. Sucks to be her. He finds the inspiration he was looking for, or rather, it finds them. If they can escape the horror they wandered into, the writer should have plenty to draw on for his play. Next time, though, may I suggest renting a scary movie?

Playhouse stars William Holstead (Shudder Original ‘Christmas Presence’) Grace Courtney, James Rottger (BBCs ‘The Break’) and Helen Mackay (BBC’s ‘The Miracle Maker’). It was produced and directed by brothers Fionn and Toby Watts, and it’s coming to digital platforms November 17.

As Frightfest comes to a close, World sales agent and North American distributor Devilworks has picked up Supernatural chiller entry Playhouse for North America and Canada. The film centres around a notorious horror writer, who moves into an ancient castle with his teenage daughter, to work on his next play; only to face terrifying consequences when his daughter falls prey to a Supernatural evil lurking within the castle walls.