Journey to Ecrya Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Ecrya Games, a tabletop gaming studio founded by three former university students in Germany, has launched the Kickstarter campaign for the board game of their namesake: Journey To Ecrya. Originally conceived for a student assignment, the game grew in their minds until it became more than just a means to a grade…they had a full-fledged product.

You play as one of eight heroes setting out to find the lost, abandoned city of Ecrya. Swing swords, cast spells, and fight your way past powerful monsters as you explore the game’s world. The first hero to reach the city wins, but just getting there isn’t the final task…as you march toward the gates, you may find something inhuman has beaten you there.

Two years of development have already gone into Journey To Ecrya, and the game should reach completion early next year. After that point the production process will take them into the spring, and the finished games will arrive next summer. There is also a digital version of Journey To Ecrya in development.

A standard version of Journey To Ecrya takes a $30 pledge. You’ll also get a digital artbook PDF and digital wallpaper at that tier. At $54 you’ll receive a signed edition of the game, the digital version, and all unlocked stretch goals. Higher tiers offer bonuses like more wallpapers, a custom sketch, and the chance to play a session of the game with the dev team.

You can secure your copy of Journey To Ecrya by heading to this Kickstarter page. The campaign lasts until November 10, and the game is estimated to begin shipping in June of 2010.