Drew Struzan Inducted To Society Of Illustrators Hall of Fame

The Society Of Illustrators has just inducted another artist into their Hall of Fame..it’s poster painter Drew Struzan. And everybody who knows him is celebrating.

If you know who Drew Struzan is, then your only comment right now is “why didn’t this happen sooner?” If you don’t, he’s the painter behind some of cinema’s most iconic posters. The original Star Wars art with Luke lifting the lightsaber aloft? Struzan. All three (yup, there are just three) Indiana Jones posters? Struzan. Marty McFly lifting his sunglasses and looking at his watch with a shocked expression? Totally Struzan.

Filmmaker Erik Sharkey once directed a documentary about Struzan entitled Drew:The Man Behind the Poster. Upon the announcement of his induction, Sharkey pooled his resources with another filmmaker named Jim Sanders, and they called up everyone they could get whose careers have been helped by Struzan for a special congratulatory video.

Special guests of this presentation include: Harrison Ford, Frank Darabont, Dean DeBlois, Sam Witwer, Bob Gale, Greg Nicotero, Leonard Maltin, Floyd Norman, Greg Hildebrandt, Steve Chorney, Paul Shipper, Mark Raats, Dylan Struzan and Michael J Fox. You’ll also see some never-before-seen footage of Struzan at work, painting the posters for the How To Train Your Dragon films.

Check out the full video below.