How To Make It In Bloomywood

David Meyers is a screenwriter currently developing several projects. One is a TV project starring Michael Shannon called “We Will Not Be Silent,” originally developed as a stage play before COVID made such things hard to pull off. He’s also preparing a pitch to Netflix for a young adult comedy pilot. But in the meantime, he’s keeping himself busy with his current creation, Bloomywood.

Bloomywood is the take of Michael Bloomstein, a hapless young artist trying (and failing) to make it in Tinseltown. The series consists of a string of shorts now watchable on YouTube, like this one: “The Gist.” Bloomstein is prepared to pitch his script, if he can get the chance…and if he can even figure out where “the chance” is.

It gets worse…this woman is his career coach. In this longer short she explains how to be “assertive,” refuses to read his script and keeps steering the conversation toward payment for her services.

Unfortunately the young man picks up on none of these red flags because he’s rather green and naive about “The Biz” and everything else. He’s kind of winging his movie as he goes, and in the short below, he’s wandering around the Hollywood hills attempting to dig up grassroots support.

Bloomywood is currently six shorts long, but more are on the way. Watch for the season finale soon, guest-starring Kate Flannery from The Office. You can check out the series to date through this playlist.