There’s more content coming for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. A massive expansion pack for the game, Dissonance of the Nexus, will be arriving this January. In addition to new quests and items, the pack will introduce four new characters to the game…

Core characters from Lost Song and Ordinal Scale will be joining the game’s roster in Dissonance of the Nexus. Seven from The Lost Song, the staff-wielding idol songstress who promotes peace through her music and is also the youngest sister of Rain. From Ordinal Scale, Yuna, the strong-willed AI pop idol and daughter of Professor Tetsuhiro Shigemura, and  Eiji, also known as Nautilus, Yuna’s childhood friend turned love interest and member of the Knights Blood. Fan favorite Sachi, a member of the Moonlit Black Cats guild and long-awaited new character in fan voting polls, will finally join as a playable character in the Dissonance of the Nexus expansion pack!

Those who don’t spring for the expansion will still get new content in the form of an additional dungeon and boss battle in online co-op. Death Gun and Lievere will also be added to the Hero Battle Quest.

For those new to Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, Bandai Namco is introducing a free demo for the game to Playstation 4 and XBox One owners. Anyone will be allowed to play the single player mode up to Chapter 2, as well as “experience online co-op and online battle,” but if there’s a limit to that sort of thing, it hasn’t been mentioned yet. Namco plans to reveal more information about the demo closer to its release.

Finally, if you like what you experience in the demo, there’ll be a Complete Edition for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, released around the same time as the Dissonance of the Nexus expansion. Both products will start turning up January 18, 2019.