Suzume Blu-Ray Release Pegged For March


You’ll want to get out of your chair for this one: Suzume, Makoto Shinkai’s latest anime feature film, now has a date for its own physical Blu-Ray release. Crunchyroll made the announcement this morning.

Suzume is the survivor of a natural disaster that has left her Japanese town in ruins. She doesn’t know what caused it until the day she finds a single, battered door standing upright in the middle of a pile of debris — like the disaster somehow missed it. Stricken with curiosity, Suzume opens the door…which was not a good idea. Not only did what’s behind the door cause the disaster in the first place, doors like it are now opening up across Japan. Suzume has to clean up her own mess by finding and closing them all.

But there’s more…a mysterious stranger has come to help, someone who captivates Suzume. She’s barely gotten to know him when the movie’s villain comes after him — a demonic-looking cat who turns her new friend into a chair. Souta is a chair for a significant portion of this movie’s runtime and Suzume must carry him around while saving the world, though he can somehow walk on his own if he needs to.

Like similar high-profile releases, Suzume will come in both standard and limited edition packages, with the “limited” variant containing more physical items. Here’s what you get in both:




Crunchyroll also has several other disc releases planned for March 2024 including One Piece Season 13 Voyage 6, RWBY: Ice Queendom – The Complete Season and The Legendary Hero Is Dead! – The Complete Season.