Steam Early Access has been a gift to many indie developers over the years. The service has allowed many developers to work through their game’s problems with the help of the community, and to great results. And one game that has had the support of many is now officially on Steam in full. It’s called Dig or Die, and it’s a unique sandbox survival title. One that you may find most interesting.

You are part of a weapons company who travels the galaxy in order to sell your stores. But then, you crash land on a planet, one that isn’t very friendly to you. So, you must use what you have, along with what the planet offers, and then take out all the monsters that are coming to get you. But you’ll also be able to use not just the weapons, but your landscape to your advantage:

Survival and defense gameplay mechanics have been implemented to offer players a unique experience where their crafting and building skills become key to overcome the world natural obstacles and preserve themselves against the attacks from the native creatures inhabiting the hostile surroundings. In creative mode, available tools enable players to landscape new terrains, create water, lava, monsters, grow plants instantly and absorb liquids.

Over 160,000 people played Dig or Die when it was on Steam Early Access, and it got many positive reviews during that time. So, if you’re looking for a new Steam game to play, this is it.

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