The best thing about Event Levels, one of the more recent additions to Super Mario Maker, is that you get a new costume for Mario to use in the Super Mario Bros. layout every time you finish one. We’ve gotten things as varied as Mr. Saturn, three Links on top of each other, and a caricature of a Japanese game show host.

Now hackers have found an unreleased sprite in the game: a sprite from Super Mario Land, depicting Mario in his mini-airplane (in black and white, naturally). No video was created, but they thought they wouldn’t need one because somehow, the server accepted the level they uploaded. Some people were able to get it to run, while others had their screens freeze, but now the level appears to have been removed.

They did make screenshots, however….

mario maker

This plane does not fly, being another skin for Mario. It’s unknown when Nintendo plans to officially reveal this costume to players. The next two sprites scheduled to appear in Event Levels are Birdo and an Excitebike.

[Source: Nintendo Life]

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