Anyone who was a gamer in the 90s can tell you how many fighting games were released in the middle portion of that decade. Fighters were trendy and kept the arcades alive for a few more years, but they weren’t all winners. For every Street Fighter, there was a Pit Fighter. And let’s face it, the majority of those fighter-clones were just digitized people in crazy costumes, trying to coast more on image than anything else.

That type of game is ripe for parody….so enter SUPER COMBAT FIGHTER! This parody of extreme 90s combat fighters will have it all. The outfits will be loud and garish, the gore will be cartoonishly ridiculous, and the muffly prerecorded quips will fly like the sweat on the SNES version of Mortal Kombat. The only thing missing will be some guy who randomly appears, shouts “TOASTYYY!” and then leaves, because he’s copyrighted.

The dev studios Critical Depth Games and Headless Chicken Games are making it happen. “Super Combat Fighter is me taking every fighting game I played growing up, throwing them into a bucket, violently shaking it around, and pouring out something awesome,” says Richard James Cook, creative director at Critical Depth. “The influence of Mortal Kombat in particular is obvious; everything changed the moment I first laid eyes on it in the arcade. To add to that traditional gameplay, we have an unbelievable amount of content just around the corner – and I’m very excited as a ‘90s kid seeing it all come to life.”

  • Retro-inspired, digitized combatants with special moves and fatal finishers.
  • 10 interactive stages – from city streets and underground cage fights to pro-wrestling arenas and teleporting castles.
  • Period-accurate blood, guts, and entrails.
  • Insane match modifiers, unlockables, and cheat codes.
  • Celebrity guest fighters such as Ernie Reyes Jr. (and more to be announced soon)!
  • Varied game modes (including Giants!) – along with an upcoming single-player mode featuring multiple endings.

Support Super Combat Fighter by heading to Kickstarter today. The game currently has seven fighters, but if all stretch goals are met, the final product will have ten.

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