Sega has many neglected series from its past….some of its most painfully ignored today are some of its earliest. That’s why developer Lizardcube is doing the Lord’s work — picking up some of Sega’s more obscure licenses and making new games out of them. They were the ones who created Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap in 2017, and now they’ve turned their attention to Streets of Rage.

Streets of Rage is what the title suggests: a 2D sidescrolling beat-em-up in the vein of Double Dragon or River City Ransom. There were three Streets of Rage games released on the Genesis throughout the early 90s, but the series never escaped that console until now. 2D brawlers fell out of fashion during the time of the Saturn and never came back during the Dreamcast’s brief life.

But at last, the streets will burn with rage once more! Lizardcube is calling on the aid of Guard Crush Games, who once programmed a similar brawler called Streets of Fury, to give Streets of Rage 4 extra polish. The announcement trailer below doesn’t have much in the way of actual gameplay footage — around two seconds, if we counted accurately — but it DOES have some pretty amazing animated cutscenes.

What we don’t know is where this game will show up (platforms have yet to be announced), or even a release date (none of that either). When we do know either fact, we’ll pass them along.