It’s a well known fact, that of all the genres in gaming, fighting games can be the hardest to get into. Not because they’re meant for hardcore fans of the genre per se, but because the gameplay can sometimes be tricky for newer players to pick up. Many fighting games feature numerous fighting moves and styles, to the extent that there are sometimes dozens of moves that they can use, and you have to memorize how to activate each move in order to both perform it, and survive.

Street Fighter has definitely been one of those titles, and its never been afraid to show it. However, with the upcoming Street Fight V, this may be changing.

“With Street Fighter V, we have a fantastic opportunity to create something with a larger scope. A game that encompasses all that Street Fighter has become in the last few years, but which also expands on that to become something it has never been before as well,” Ono told Edge

He goes on,

“So now we want to create something that nobody is expecting,” Ono went on to add. “It’s going to be a title that caters to fans, of course, but one that also invites completely new players onto the scene. Street Fighter IV was about reviving a passion. Street Fighter V is about growing that passion.”

It’ll be interesting to see how this all unfolds, cause if done right, Street Fighter could truly enter a new age of fandom.Street Fighter V is set to release to PC and PS4 in 2016.