Star Ocean is back! ….Sort of. After the PS4 critical bomb known as Star Ocean 5, the series has been banished to mobile where, starting today, it lives on in the form of Star Ocean Anamnesis.

Anamnesis plays differently than previous Star Ocean games, and we’re not just talking about the touch controls. You serve as captain of a ship full of characters from all over the Star Ocean galaxy, and can choose any three to take into battle. A co-op multiplayer mode (the first in the series)_ will allow friends to beat the game together.

Star Ocean Anamnesis includes full English and Japanese voice acting, artwork by Akira “AKIMAN” Yasuda (who mainly creates art for Street Fighter but also contributed to Star Ocean 5), and a soundtrack composed by Motoi Sakuraba, who has done work for many Star Ocean games (as well as Valkyrie Profile).

Early adopters of the game will reap rewards. If you log in before September 3, 2018, you’ll receive 5,000 in-game Gems, a valuable in-game currency, Faize, a 5-star unit, and other unmentioned prizes. And if you log in before August 7, you’ll get daily bonuses like a Weapon Ticket that guarantees at least one 5-star weapon, Gems, and more.

Star Ocean Anamnesis is downloadable today in the App Store and Google Play Store. The game is free with in-app purchases.