Stardock Entertainment has launched their new open-universe RPG, Star Control Origins, on PC. You play as a lone astronaut in what the narrative states is Earth’s only spaceship (and it isn’t a good one either). To avoid becoming the laughingstock of the heavens, gather together pieces to upgrade your ship from the worlds you land on.

Your immediate mission, as stated by Stardock, is “to not die.” But a larger mission will unfold as you explore the cosmos. Seems there’s a hostile alien race called the Scryve that is enslaving galaxies, and it’s only a matter of time before they reach Earth. Unless you find a way to stop them first!

Travel to distant stars and make friends (or foes, we’re not terribly picky) with the aliens living there through unique dialogue choices and quests. There are thousands of planets just in the Scryve sector of space. Find out where potential friends and enemies are living and deal with them as you see fit.

Engage in exciting ship-on-ship combat as you take down dangerous aliens to complete your mission. Or, you can try and run away, but that’s not nearly as much fun, and aliens will definitely laugh at you.

Take your battles beyond the adventure mode into multiplayer! Fleet Battles lets you face off against other players online or locally. Assemble your fleet from an assortment of provided ships (or customize your own) and get ready to rumble! Ranked play could earn you a spot on the worldwide leader boards and some bragging rights.

As you can read, Star Control Origins comes with a lot to do. For a price of $39.99, it sure better. You can find the game today on Steam. And here’s the launch trailer…

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