If you’re looking for a way to spend an hour that costs nothing, you can’t do better right now than Square Enix’s public demo for Trials of Mana, released today. It’s available for all systems the full game will be on (Switch, PS4, PC). Here are our notes from giving it a whirl….

  • This demo counts as progress in the actual game. Your save file will work with the final product, which comes out in a month.
  • You are allowed to level up to Level 7 before the demo caps you.
  • Only the first few areas are accessible, but all six characters can be played, so if you were to play around with multiple save files, you should be able to explore a lot of the game.
  • Both the original soundtrack and the remix are included.
  • If you’ve played the SNES original (now available in Collection of Mana), the 3D environments are pretty much an exact conversion.
  • The camera is fully 360-degree controllable. Choose to play in an overhead or ground perspective….it’s as easy as tilting the right stick, and the camera is smart enough to remember this perspective until you adjust it again.
  • Gamexplain did a comparison of the PS4 and Switch versions of this game. The Switch loads faster, while the PS4’s graphics are slightly sharper.

Square has learned a lot from the unfavorable reaction to their Secret of Mana remake. Based on the impression from this demo alone, this will be a great game for both Mana fanatics and those new to the series. Maybe Square can take some of the lessons here and apply it to a new Mana title, hmm?

Trials of Mana will be out April 24, in both physical and digital form, for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. PC, via Steam, will be just digital.

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