Spy DNA, a tactical squad RPG that combines turn-based game mechanics with realistic combat simulation, has launched its Kickstarter Campaign. The game puts you in command of a small team of super-spies. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to fight to preserve our way of life and stop those that want destroy it.

Using advanced genetic modification technology, you create and enhance your super-spy character to match your playstyle. You’ll lead a squad of spies with unique talents on missions around the globe. We are greatly inspired by the RPGs of the past that made the genre popular in the first place: Jagged Alliance, Silent Storm, and the original XCOM. According to the developers, Spy DNA will only be available to play on Windows PCs.

Spy DNA is set to have a number of features, including:

  • Super-realistic combat and AI make you feel like a real super-spy on a mission
  • Realistic weapons behaviour, aiming, and cover
  • Hit points replaced with anatomical damage
  • Dynamic turn duration based on character stats
  • Turns execute at the same time
  • Immersive story
  • Deep branched dialog
  • Rich character attributes and skills allow you to create and play a character based on your own play style
  • High tactical flexibility creates replay value

The game is set in 2075, in an optimistic version of the future. It’s not a dystopian world, and humanity is not only surviving, but making progress. The future is not too distant, so you will recognize a lot of tech, and today’s cutting-edge gadgets will “just work.”

The story begins with your character joining a secret project run by the Crolimax Laboratory. The founders of the project, Drs. Britta Crotalus and Andreas Limax have invented a way to genetically enhance living humans to turn them into super-spies.

You can find Spy DNA on Kickstarter here.

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