American Gothic Press is a comics-related offshoot of Famous Monsters of Filmland, the original horror movie fan magazine (established 1958). Its editor was involved in the creation of classic horror-comic icons like Vampirella, and the mag still survives in print to this day (though as an annual).

Famous Monsters is now back in the horror comic business with their American Gothic imprint, putting out chilling titles like Killbox, Broken Moon, and Monster World — the latter of which they’ve provided a special preview to us.

Here for your browsing pleasure are six pages from Monster World: The Golden Age #5. You want a world full of monsters, you got it:

Just as things look bleak at the Conway farm, help comes from the most unexpected of places: Nybbas, demon of knowledge, who has been harboring a grudge against Belphegor, Behemoth, and Enepsigos since the dawn of time. But it’s going to take one hell of a sacrifice to pull off the spell he tells Hank to use…

To be continued in two days! Monster World: The Golden Age #5 will be out December 18.

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