Not only do they still produce Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, it just rolled over 300 issues…and, with the printing of its 301st, will become the “Longest-Running Creator-Owned Superhero Comic Book Series” according to the Guinness Book Of Records. This calls for a celebration, which you can attend if you’re going to be near Arizona in the next few days.

McFarlane and the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Chandler, AZ present the Spawn Historic 301 Event. The centerpiece will be a screening of the embarrassing 1997 Spawn movie, but that won’t be the only reason to attend. Todd will be there, and getting his autograph or a selfie will cost nothing (comic-con planners could learn a thing or two).

A gallery of original art from the comic will decorate the walls, and there will be Spawn-themed food and drink available to purchase at the Alamo Drafthouse.

If you show up in costume as a character from the Spawn series, you will be entered into a drawing for an original McFarlane hand-drawn sketch. Those who hold encyclopedic knowledge of the comic will have an advantage here….we’re sure deep cuts will impress him. If you don’t win the drawing, you’ll still take home a limited-edition, event-exclusive issue of Spawn, plus a poster.

The Spawn Historic 301 Event happens Saturday, October 26 from noon until 5 PM. If you’re calling a rideshare, take advantage of McFarlane’s special 10% discount by using the code GWR301 on your Lyft ride to the Drafthouse.

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